Having trouble with the file formats or compression that's on this page?

Yes! It's finally here, in .WAV format! Thanks to Krishva, who sent me the .MOV, the Daria theme song (You're Standing On My Neck) is available in both a Mac .snd format and a Windows .WAV. The quality's decent, and it was recorded by someone else a while ago. I can't remember who recorded it, but thankya! You'll need Stuffit Expander to open the Mac file and WinZip for the Windows. Or, if you prefer, the file is available as an MP3, courtesy of Phil Kucer. Thanks!

Another Startup Screen for Mac users is available! Sandra has created a file that works a little differently from the DariaOS file. This file features Daria surfing across your screen, from the TV Guide cover. It's really pretty cool, so check it out. Make sure you read the enclosed instructions.

download file

More fun for Mac users: a MacOS startup screen is available! This startup screen replaces the MacOS startup screen that appears when you start up your Mac. Strider, the author of the file, calls it DariaOS. Instructions are included with the file. It may look really complicated at first, so read the instructions carefully. You'll need Stuffit Expander to open the archive. It should be working correctly now.

download file

Daria KiSS dolls

KiSS stands for Kisakae System Set, and it's basically a set of virtual paper dolls. There are a ton of different dolls, mostly Japanese anime and manga characters, but a few American characters. In this case, you can dress Daria, Jane, or Brittany in several different outfits, and mix and match them as well. It's fun, but as you play, there's a couple of things you may see that you may not want to.
In any case, you'll need a KiSS viewer (it comes in all OS formats) and the file to play. It's not all intuitively obvious, so read the instructions first, and follow the directions.

There are currently 4 Daria KiSS sets.



Although this has been around for a while, it's still going up here on the Downloads. Alex Myring of Alex's Daria Page created a Win 95 Plus Desktop Theme with icons, backgrounds, and sounds. You can download it off his page or get it here.

download file

Jason Cabral is so good to Windows users! Not only did he create a set of Daria Windows icons, but now he's gone and updated the set (5/26/98). It now includes all eleven main characters. (about 9 K)
For Mac, I offer folder icons! This set features all of the eleven main characters. (About 25 K)

-from the Mac set, which are pretty close to the Win set-

(actual size)

download file

download file

I've put together a set of PICT files that work with After Dark to make a Daria Screensaver! Instructions for use are included. Both files are about 140 K. You'll need Stuffit Expander to open the file. The Win file was having problems, so it's down for the time being.

download file


Want some Daria sounds? Visit the Daria Sound Archive, a .WAV pit with over 60 sounds available!

Daria Sounds Archive

Here's links to the sound and movie archives on MTV.com. Many browsers can't handle the JavaScript and Quicktime movies and plugin required to see them, so you can download them here. Also included is a link to the MTV picture index.

MTV Sounds Archive

MTV Videos Archive

MTV Picture Archive

Did you create something downloadable and want it on this site? Describe it for me in an e-mail, then I'll give you the okay and you can send me the file(s) or the URL where they are located. Please don't send anything without telling me you're sending it first.

Download Utilities

The best unzipping and zipping utility for Windows, or so I'm told, is WinZip. Use this to open any of the .ZIP files that you download from here or other places. I've never used it, so read the help docs on the WinZip site for help. Some Mac files on here are compressed .SIT files. Stuffit Expander, a freeware utility, will open them up for you.

Since .LZH (LHarc) isn't a file format indiginous to America, Netscape and IE may not want to download them easily. I know that for Mac, just click to download and choose "Save File." I'm guessing the Win version does about the same thing. In any case, if you're having problems, The Big KiSS Page has excellent docs that can help. Don't worry about decompressing these files, since your KiSS viewer will do it for you.

You'll need a player to use the MP3 files. MP3 is basically an audio format that allows CD quality sound at smaller file sizes than WAVs. Windows users can use WinAmp and Mac users can use MacAmp.