The 2nd Daria video was supposedly done a long time ago. I'm not sure why it hasn't been released yet. There are no plans that I know of for a Daria soundtrack. There are plans for more merchandise. However, that is something that is constantly talked about, so who knows when and where and how.

This news is new as of 5/31/98 and comes direct from MTV.

The Viacom Store in Downtown Chicago is closing. This is probably because of lack of demand for the specialty merchandise available, and that lease on N. Michigan Ave. is not cheap. I'll see what's up with it next time I'm down there, but it doesn't sound good. If there's a sale on Daria stuff (yeah right) I'll keep you informed.

The first Daria video should be out there's been sighted in California, Illinois, Michigan, and Florida so far. It's also available from MTV Online. I went to our local Best Buy and picked up a copy for $9.99. The tape box is purple and called "Daria." It has a picture (scanning soon) of Daria in front of lockers. The video features the first three episodes (Esteemsters, The Invitation, and College Bored) commercial-free, and a black and white pilot that was never released called, "Sealed With A Kick."
The pilot is very sketchy- little to no animation, just frames with voices and sound. It has a very unfinished feel- no shades, just drawings. Daria sounds like Daria, but is drawn with longer legs and a shapelier body (in some scenes, she has a definite chest), Jane sounds like Jane, Helen sounds slightly different, as does Jake. Quinn sounds slightly different from the current Quinn, and is wearing a different outfit- the shirt from "The Invitation," shorts, and knee socks. Brittany sounds like the current Quinn, and looks somewhat different. Kevin sounds the same but looks a bit different. All the personalities are somewhat the same...except for Daria, who is MUCH more saucy than in the regular episodes.
The plot of the pilot is this: Daria goes to "Modern Day High School" which looks sort of like the school in the cartoon "Doug." Daria borrows Kevin's pencil, so he thinks she likes him. He tells Daria this, and starts leaving messages on her machine. She decides to get even and pretends to love him, being touchy-feely with him at the pizza place in front of Brittany and leaving him love notes. Then, he shows up in Daria's shop class, and yells to her that he and Brittany are seeing other people and that she's next in line. He asks her out, and she turns him down. In the next scene, he shows up at Daria's house with flowers for her. Quinn shows up and peeks around the corner, and Kevin is surprised that Quinn is sisters with such a brain. Kevin forgets about Daria and takes Quinn out. We end on Daria and Jane reflecting in the pizza place.
It's worth seeing. In fact, it's funny because it's different from the current show..yet the same. You'll believe it when you see it.

More videos are coming out as well- there will be another one out soon; around the third week in February, I've been told. There is only one pilot episode, however.

"The Daria Diaries" is now available in bookstores and from MTV Online!

It did come out December 7, as promised. I got my hands on a copy in December 12, and it was sighted in California a few days earlier. It's wonderfully funny, and includes lots of details you never thought you'd know (DeMartino's personal ad response, postcards from the Lanes, Fashion Club paper dolls, a creative writing story from all the characters, factoids like Jesse's last name, Mystik Spiral info, memos from Lawndale High) and much, much more! The book is worth every bit of the $9 I spent on it at Crown Books, although it's marked at $12. "The Daria Diaries" are as good as getting some new episodes. If you're looking by author, it's written by Anne D. Bernstein. Go buy it, or ask for it for your holiday of preference. What a convenient time for it to arrive!

"The book is a potpourri of life in Lawndale featuring all the characters - stuff you don't know about them and stuff you don't want to know about them."
-from someone at MTV whose name happens to be in the credits of the book!

As of late January (the 21st, I believe) there was no new Daria merchandise at Viacom. There was every single South Park shirt in existence, but nothing Daria other than the t-shirts and watches. Oh well. Suckage. However, the off-yellow Daria tee can also be found in the current issue of the "Just Nicki :)" catalogue which is available free at Claire's.) The shirt is about $20.00.

Daria merchandise has been sighted at two places. The first is the Viacom Entertainment store. As far as I know, the only one of those stores is located at 600 N. Michigan Ave. in downtown Chicago. I was there on August 30. They had the Daria watch (which I have) and a few Daria t-shirts. The watch has a dark brown leather band with a face that's the Daria logo. It comes in a box that says, "Excuse me, you're standing on my neck." On to the t-shirts... two were ringer tees (a solid color with a different color at the collar and sleeves) in colors like medium blue, olive green, and an off-yellow. They had Daria on them with her arms crossed like the picture at right. They had Daria on the left and "I don't have low self esteem. I have low esteem for everyone else." written on them. However, these were baby t-shirts. Which I found highly ironic since Daria wouldn't wear a baby tee if her life depended on it. There were two others, one that was an off yellow (sort of a yellow ochre) that had the Daria logo on it, and a blue one that had the baby tee design on it. That's the one I got. However, they only came in sizes up to large. I think MTV totally underestimated their audience. Most of us who like Daria aren't Quinn and don't have her fashion tastes. And where does that leave the guys? Also, the MTV section of the Viacom store (it's a two-story behemoth) had Beavis and Butthead stuff coming out the wazoo, and they even had more "Rodman World Tour" merchandise than Daria merchandise! I was very disappointed, and am in the process of e-mailing MTV my complaints. The Viacom Store also has a website - Unfortunately, items can't be purchased online- and from the very slick-looking but content lacking website, the only apparent MTV merchandise is Beavis and Butthead paraphernalia.

MTV says that the t-shirts should be available at Spencer Gifts. However, reports from all over the country say that these Daria t-shirts are nowhere to be found. I went to my local Spencer Gifts and found nothing of the sort, so I can personally vouch for it. I have a different Daria t-shirt that I received free from MTV when the show first started up. I think it was just a promotional item. It's maroon, with the Daria logo on the front and Daria's boots on the back.

Also, Jane2 e-mailed me the other day with a report of Daria t-shirts and mugs at her local Hallmark store in California. She also reported on a few t-shirts with Trent and Kevin on them that she spotted at a 'gothic store.' However, it's doubtful that the 'gothic store' shirts were MTV officials because they had the MTV logo nowhere on them. Jane2 asked the employee at Hallmark about the widespread availability of the shirts at Hallmark stores, and was told that only about 50-75 stores nationwide (!!!) have Daria t-shirts. They aren't available in my area to my knowledge, but I will do some scouting.