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See my small selection of newspaper and magazine articles on Daria.

Scheduling news

The new episodes begin airing on June 29th. There will be 6 of them. And there should be a special Daria block of episodes with animated VJ segments airing on the 28th.
(This news is straight from MTV)

In other related news, Alvaro J. Gonzalez (Trent's voice) informed me that the cast IS WORKING on season three episodes. Isn't that spiffy? We get another season as well!

For those interested, the band that does the Daria theme song is Splendora. They're a New York City-based all-female band. They have an album out on KOCH Records called In The Grass. Here's a page about them. And

Articulate a bit...

Once again, the New York Times did a write-up on Daria. Here it is. Thanks to Richard Bensam for sending it in.

Daria appeared in the New York Times, in a very nice article about Season Two. Read it. Thanks to eternal supporter Michael J. Pfeffer for the article.

Jeff Morris found an article in the Hartford Advocate about the show. It's nice to see an article, and even nicer still it has a little preview of some of the plots of next season. Check it out. On the same note, he also sent in another article from a yet unnamed source. Read it.

Daria was featured in the August 17-23 issue of the Chicago Tribune TVweek magazine. It was more or less a positive article, with a couple of eensy mistakes. However, the highlight of this article is the interviews with MTV brass Abby Terkuhle and Daria producers Glenn Eichler and Susie Lewis Lynn. The interviews let us on to the original intentions of the producers, why Daria is the way she is, and much more. Read it.

There's an excellent Daria article in Maxi magazine. It's in the Imitates Life section, and is really soopercosmic. You can also voice your opinion on Daria vs. Jenny McCarthy (an obvious choice...). Check it out by clicking on its logo. If for some reason it's not there, check it out on the author's Daria site- Alternapalooza. It's the Review- Imitates Life.

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